About Us


Cooperative Media, the first cooperative digital media society in Kerala, is a platform designed to empower and connect cooperative societies in their journey towards innovation and digital transformation. We believe in the power of cooperation and collaboration to drive positive change in our communities. Through this platform, we aim to provide a space where cooperative societies can come together, share ideas, and leverage the digital landscape to thrive in the modern era.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation and digitalization within cooperative bodies in Kerala. We strive to be the catalyst for change, encouraging cooperatives to embrace digital technologies and modernise their operations. By providing a supportive platform, we aim to enable cooperative bodies to enhance their efficiency, engage with their members, and serve their communities effectively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a vibrant cooperative ecosystem in Kerala that is at the forefront of innovation and digitalization. We envision a future where cooperative societies leverage digital tools and platforms to create sustainable and inclusive growth. By promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, we aspire to empower cooperative bodies to become leaders in the digital revolution, driving socioeconomic development and improving the quality of life for all.